Body Sculpting through Heat-Treatment
Hot-sculpting or body sculpting treatment through heat application is a form of non-surgical body sculpting technique that uses application of heat to tone and shape the body. While there are no replacements for a healthy diet and exercise, non-surgical body sculpting through heat treatment can help reduce some of those unwinnable pockets of fats that traditional methods do not solve.
Just like most non-surgical IYAC body sculpting treatment, heat treatment is completely non-invasive, non-toxic and pain free. For those who wish to avoid the risky surgical procedures, heat treatment can be an excellent choice of body sculpting treatment.
How does it work?
Heat treatments target loose skin and fat in your body. The heat applicator is applied over the affected regions which the patients wish to tone down. The device heats up the layers of skin and extra-cellular matrix underneath the skin. This causes the collagen fibers to contract and also boosts the production of new collagen. Heat treatments are often combined with electroporation which can directly eliminate fat cells.
There is no form of anesthesia necessary for such heat treatments and each session takes about 20 minutes if the heat applicator is large enough to cover two hands. Extended periods of increased warmth are expected during such electroporation techniques. The temperatures and the temperature of applicator are constantly monitored to ensure the safety of the patient.
Some of the areas that can be effectively treated with this process are-
* Thighs and the area around calf muscles
* Upper and lower arms
* Belly and core, focusing on the abs
* Various areas of the back
* Face or jawline
Some of the major advantages of using heat as body sculpting treatment are mentioned below
* Difficult to reach pockets of fat can be easily targeted.
* Not only reduces fat but also tightens loose skin and stimulates the production of collagen which improves the texture of skin.
* There is no surgery or any kind of medication involved.
* It leaves no permanent marks of any kind on the body.
There are no side-effects to hot sculpting. Patients do experience high temperatures but not high enough to cause any burns or markings. A temporary redness is often observed along with numbness in the applied regions. Both of these conditions go away in a short while. While it is a completely safe process, it advised to consult your personal physician before going for the treatment.

Body Sculpting through Heat-Treatment

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