Looking better, prettier and healthier has been around for centuries. It was believed and now concluded as a scientific fact that those people who are more attractive are given more opportunities in every field of life. So, beauty treatments are sought after no matter the price. Famous celebrities are idolized the world over and most of them admit to using the treatments themselves. They have a fan following of millions and thus so many people are influenced to use them.

Removing and Shedding Excess or Stubborn Fat Deposits

Though, many beauty trends have come and gone but the one that has struck around the most is having a slim waist line. Thinner, leaner bodies are healthier and more attractive. They assert confidence and look good in all clothing. Many beauty procedures have come into the market the world over that promise thin bodies, some require going under the knife while others are non-surgical such as fat freezing. Those procedures that require surgeries naturally create a sense of foreboding and do not suit every body type. And this is where cryogenic lipolysis comes in, also known as fat freeze treatment.

The Fat Freezing Procedure

The mentioned procedure is a safe alternate to various other extreme thinning procedures. As the name suggests, the fat cells are literally frozen and the treatments shows affects after the first week of the procedure. The procedure first came into being after research was put into frost bite and it was found that the fat cells freeze before the skin does. Thus, a tool is used to freeze the fat without causing any harm to the skin or the underlying tissue and the body expels that fat over a small period of time.

The treatment shows drastic affects after at least 60 days of application and with more sessions more improvement comes. It can be targeted to the tummy, thighs, back, hips and even chin. With weight loss, fat cells are not expelled from the body they remain there with smaller sizes but with this non-invasive treatment these cells are reduced by 20 to 40%. The affect however, is not permanent and if diet and exercise is not maintained, then the fat comes back.

Popularity and Effectiveness of Fat Freezing in Singapore

Beauty in all its forms has always been sought after in Singapore. The belief here is as strong as in the rest of the world that if you look good, you’ll get better. Fat freezing has been especially popular since 2010. The lifestyles of today are very unhealthy, with prolonged sitting in the work place and popularity of junk food. People want leaner bodies and are prepared to pay large sums of money for it. Fat freezing has been very popular in Singapore because of it safer procedure and application.

How Does Fat Freezing Work?