Luxury hotel living has changed with the growing number of millennial travelers who are now moving out of their parent’s homes and making their mark on the world. These millennial travelers need different things than the normal traveler. Their bells and whistles are less tedious than the ones that the hotels would have to put up for the more traditional travelers. These millennial travelers have a few basic demands that they are satisfied with these are mainly customized travel experiences, digital convenience and most importantly they should be able to get most of the relevant information that they need from social media.

These are individuals who have never known the world without the internet. Most hotels have started to cater to these needs and have become a hit among the new generation of travelers. Millennial travelers are more than just a tourist; they are more like explorers and tend to spend more time in an area. Most of them have jobs that they can do from anywhere and hence it doesnt really matter where they live. This encourages them to live from a suitcase traveling to destinations of their choice and staying there for as long as they like.

They also have higher expectations in luxury such as having a happy hour rooftop bar in hotel which is what some of them are looking for.

Changes that hotels have made for the millennial travelers

Social media: Most travellers will choose the hotel that has caught their attention online and also hence it is very important that hotels make themselves more active on the different types of social media or risk the chance of losing out on these millennial travellers as in around 10 years these would make up almost 75% of the whole number of travellers. Another aspect of social media is the pictures and posts that the guest themselves post on social media. There are a few guests who post almost everything that they do on social media along with the room that they are staying in, the hotels lobby, and also the view that they have from their room. Thus it is very important for the hotels to make sure that the room is always presentable and looks like the pictures that they themselves would post on social media.

Customized travel experience

Millennial travelers are more likely to opt for more urban destinations. Most millennials have said that they are more likely to choose a location that is used by a mixed community and would also like to travel in the same way. The next need for the guests is a location other than their room where they can relax and work. This has caused the hotel designers to create the concept of a third place such as the pool side or the hotel lobby where the guests can work. Most often the hotel lobby is like the living room for the millennial traveler. As explorers, these travelers also like to be able to experience the local culture and traditions of the area in which they are staying. Hotels that have ties to the local culture and help their traveler get immersed in authentic local culture are a hotspot for theses millennial travelers.

Digital Convenience

The millennials are a group of individuals who have come of age with their smartphone in their hand. They use these smartphones for almost everything from making calls to surfing the internet and chatting. They expect that their travel experience should also be an extension of their mobile lives. It is very important that the hotel is able to provide the guests with great Wi-Fi connections throughout the hotel and not only in the room. There are also some hotels that have more intuitive technology integrated into their rooms that specially target the more tech savvy crowd.

Millennials Are Changing the Face of Luxury Living

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